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Steal the Show With These Super Trendy Dance Team Names

Dance Team Names
Picking a name for your dance team can be challenging, yet it does present the opportunity to be as creative as you want. Of course, a wrong decision on your part (or the team's part) means having to live with the name for a long, long time. Once your opponents and the audience is aware of the team's name, it can be tough to change it into something else. Which is why, it is crucial that you pick the right name from the very beginning.
Stephen Rampur
Last Updated: Apr 9, 2018
Did You Know?
In Kalamazoo, Michigan, a law passed in 1923 prohibited people from staring into each other's eyes while dancing.
How to Choose Names for Dance Groups
Although there aren't any rules you need to follow; however, if you want to give your team a unique identity, you need to get creative. Gather all the members of the team, sit together, and focus on coming up a name collectively. And to help you get started, we've put together a few factors to consider in choosing good dance team names.

~ It is essential that you consult with entire team and hold a brainstorming session together.

~ A team name reflects who you are and what kind of message you want to send to the opponents. Depending on this, you can try bouncing some ideas off one another.

~ Consider your team's strengths and what the members have in common to finalize a good name. Maybe a name that has an inside joke, a trait all the members have, a theme, or even a creative spin or an acronym.

~ Choose a name depending on your group's dance style. Whether it's hip hop, disco, breakdance, jazz, or lyrical, you can rely on it to find a name.

~ A little play on words never hurt anybody. Keep all these factors in mind while you're conducting those brainstorming sessions.
Dance Team Name Ideas
Depending on what and how you wish to portray the team as, a name can easily get the message across. The right team name can really make a huge difference as to how the team is perceived by others, and the team's morale.
Urban background, Hip-hop dance troupe
JalapeƱo Hotties

Groovy Loompas

Dangerous Divas

Three little ballerinas in dance studio, Abstract shapes vector background
Project Street Dance

Statik Moves

Funks & Monks

Tribal Attackers
Dancer team, Urban background
Dancers' Dynasty

Boogie Bouncers

Phresh Steppers

Thundering Kidz
Contemporary Dance, Abstract background
Destructive Divas

Klassy Kats

Rhythmic Eagles

Doomsday Panthers
Group of tap dancers legs
Bone-crushin' Ballerinas

Purple Sky Dancers

Royal Heat Squad

Black Illuminators
Happy children, Abstract background
Doomsday Divas

Super Sparklers

Crystal Queens

Diamond Dolls
Three women in irish dance dresses posing outdoor, Girls Jumping in the Summer.
Mystic Movers

Silver Steppers

Hunger Hoppers

Rhythmic Thunder
Headspin Landing, Abstract mosaic background
Spirit in Motion

Pirouette Champs

Spirit Dancers

Lady Movers
Even though we've provided a lot of suggestions for your team, make sure you don't use it as is. Do a little bit more research, discuss among your team, and give a creative spin to these ideas. You don't want your opponents and fans to get confused your team with another, if they have a similar name. Bounce your final choices off friends, colleagues, and family members to get an idea about what they think.