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How to Become a Dance Instructor

How to Become a Dance Instructor

Becoming a dance instructor is primarily a matter of having a keen interest in arts and activities. This article tells you how to become a dance instructor...
Stephen Rampur
There are many careers in the industry which are generally not preferred by most people. Most of such careers are from the arts field. Note that jobs from arts may not appeal to a certain classes of people, but they are definitely interesting to work in. A very exciting career in this area is that of a dance teacher, or a dance instructor. As the name suggests, a dance instructor is an arts professional who is well versed in all aspects of dance. He works in different facilities of arts, which is why his job duties may vary.

How to Become a Dance Instructor

The most important requirements you need to meet are to have an interest in arts and to be physically fit. Since this job requires a lot of physical movement, you need to be on a healthy diet and daily exercise schedule. The entry requirement for being a dance teacher mainly depends on employer preferences. A majority of jobs would require you to possess a bachelor's degree in fine arts, with dance as a specialization. There are some employers who may hire you by just assessing your level of expertise in the skill, and not your educational qualifications.

You can set out in this career by attending dance classes and learning all techniques of the field. Make sure you go to a reputed dance training center which is well known for preparing the best dancers. Go out in public and show off your skills in dance competitions, demonstrations, and talent shows. Keep practicing daily and learn new moves and techniques. Regardless of the fact that you do not win the contest, your active participation is valuable for your career. Along with the dance class, you can pursue dance education in an art school. There are many universities which have colleges dedicated to the study of arts, music and dance. You can enroll for a course in such a college.

After completing your course successfully, try to find an entry-level job at a private school or local community center. For winning a job, you may need to go through several rounds of auditions and personal interviews. Continuous adaptation to dancing trends is really crucial for excelling in the field. You can refer to a lot many resources for advancements in the skills; such as instructional DVDs, books, online videos, and so on. You also need to develop some teaching skills, so as to adjust to different levels of skills in beginner students.

Job Description
  • Imparting training sessions to students who want to learn a particular type of dancing style.
  • Giving theoretical and practical lessons on all aspects of dance.
  • Instructing and correcting students on moves and accurate techniques in dancing styles.
  • Teaching students about synchronizing the body to music and rhythm.
  • Teaching the history of a specific dance.
  • Choreographing and directing a dance setup for a competition.
  • Modifying dance training techniques according to the age of the learner.

The salary of a dance instructor is not that high as compared to other professions. However, people who work in this field are more focused on their interest instead of the money earned. It is reported that the median pay of these art professional comes to around $30,000 per annum. In addition, the pay range also counts on the arts facility of employment, whether a public school or a recognized dance academy. The type of dance taught also has an impact on the salary. Those who teach ballet and ballroom dance typically earn more than those who teach other dance types.

This is some information on how to become a dance teacher, the duties, and income prospects. Regular practice and improving your teaching skills are two main aspects of making it big as a dance instructor. The earning increases with recognition and organizing other big talent projects.