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Dance Teacher Certification

A certified dance teacher commands respect among her lesser qualified counterparts. Parents feel secure allowing their children to be taught by professional dance teachers, because they are assured that the child will be taught the right dance techniques, and through proper discipline.
DancePoise Staff
For those who wish to teach dance in schools and institutes are required to own a license. This is a precautionary measure, which is taken by each state. However this is not the case for privately owned dance studios. Parents send their kids for dance classes so that they can pick up a hobby, develop their dancing skills and remain physically healthy. However all parents would prefer to have their children trained from a professional dance teacher. A certified dance teacher earns the trust of the parents as well as the students. They also gain goodwill for their work and thus more people wish to enroll for the classes, which results in increasing the flow of income. The fee for dance teacher certification is slightly steep, but it is easy to avail and is an absolute must have if you intend to make teaching dance your lifelong career.
Educational Qualification
When contemplating on becoming a dance instructor, it is very crucial to realize that a proper training is a must. The dance teachers will be required to complete college oriented courses in dance. These courses will focus on choreography, methods of teaching dance, free styling and contemporary dance styles blended with modern techniques. After which you must join a conservatory for further lessons in dance and teaching dance. Another advantage is that many tests require the applicant to have prior experience in dancing, such as proper training, degrees in dance and the years spent learning. All of this can be added into your dance teacher resume as it increases your credibility.
Selecting the Dance Certification Program
There are as many types of dance certification programs as there are dances. Which means that each genre of dance type has its own specific dance program. This certificate will help determine the dance teacher's niche and what types, they are the most well qualified at. This special niche makes the ones who have the certificate more authentic as compared to the teachers who don't. Now it depends on you if you would like to take online dance lessons or actually hold classes in a studio. You can get your certificate within a matter of few hours or days if it's for online classes, however the duration is delayed in cases where you would like to teach people personally.
Cost of Certification
The costs may vary from one site to the other as well as depending on what you have applied for. Online classes are cheaper and are usually lesser than $500. However personal training will require a thorough check into your resume, training, dance performances and experience as a student and teacher in training. This may cost you money, so you must be prepared for the expenses. There are many online dance certification websites which offer online test. Check the cost as well as the quality of these sites before applying.
As a whole, being a dance teacher is not an easy job. It is even tougher to get jobs as one who wishes to have a bunch of people to train. It would be best to join a dance institute as a teacher, but the competition is tough and vacancies are very few. The other alternative is to start your own classes, which would require some capital investment. The income in unpredictable and the job is a high risk one. What you do need is good advertising of your dance skills, which you can do by giving free demo lessons for every new student or batch. After which they can decide if they would like to learn from you or not.
What matters the most is that you be the best you can be as a dance teacher, which requires that you be excellent with your technique and patience level. If you are brilliant at your work, I do not see why people would not be queuing up to be taught by you!