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Jazz Dance Costumes and Shoes

Jazz dance costumes prove to be one of the most glamorous costumes of all dance styles. Fitted and spunky, the attire helps to heighten any performance. Here is a DancePoise article that gives you ideas on dressing up for a hot dance.
DancePoise Staff
Last Updated: Mar 10, 2018
Jazz dance originated from the African-American vernacular dance form in the late 1800s. This form of dance showcases a dancer's unique style and originality. This is a highly energetic form of dancing where the dancers are required to perfect specific moves, fancy footwork, and also learn to make big leaps and jumps. It would be highly beneficial for the dancers to master certain ballet techniques, as this would strengthen their bodies and improve balance. The basic moves of jazz dance are the ball change, the twist, pencil spin, jazz walk, catwalk, barrel turn, and pivot step. There are various styles in jazz that keep evolving with time, such as the old-fashioned jazz, modern jazz, and the street jazz.
What Do Jazz Dancers Wear
The movements that are used in jazz dance require a lot of flexibility and grace. The dancers are therefore required to wear proper costumes that emphasize the lines of the body. This would mean the attire needs to fit properly without all the fuss and frills. It would also depend on the creativity of the designer to come up with new ideas that would highlight the body and make the outfit look glamorous for stage shows.
The Clothes
The costumes allow a lot of freedom when it comes to colors. You can opt for flashy and loud colors that can be synchronized with the other dancers from the groups. The colors can be used to highlight the movements of the dance steps for a particular performance. And since the outfits aren't loose, the colors can help to complement the energy of the dancers. These are often worked upon when the dance incorporates a certain theme. In such cases, the colors are also used to symbolize the meaning of the movements, which the dancer is trying to portray.

Halter tops, racer backs, sequin tops, well-fitted long pants are very popular. Less clothing is necessary that doesn't come in their way as the dance is highly energetic, and the dancers need be comfortable in their attire. Therefore, most dancers prefer to wear shorts, tights, and fitted tops. Also, many incorporate stretch blends to allow more flexibility. A lot of embellishments such as sequin or crystals are considered to be very in. These are used to add the glam and glitter to any stage performance. Basically what we're looking for is loads of spunk and fun. You can even add items such as a sequined beret or a hat that complements an outfit.
The Shoes
On the other hand, the shoes are as important part of a costume as the clothes. These need to be simple and light. They should allow the jazz dancer the right kind of flexibility needed and not hinder the performance. Jazz shoes are available in neutral and black colors with a slight heel. The lyrical shoes are also gaining popularity of late. These give the illusion that the jazz dancer is performing without actually wearing any shoes. These are often worn for performances or even for the basic classes.
Remember, the costumes are not similar to ballet. These are designed to be showy without looking over the top. No performance can ever be complete without the right costume. So, it's time you pick the right attire and set the stage on fire!
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