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Choreographer Salary

Choreographer Salary

Intricate steps, innovative display, and magic on stage - that's the job of a choreographer. Read through the article to understand the salary trends and requirements that one can expect from this profession.
Veethi Telang
If someone were to be able to convince me over a list of both innovative and the most lucrative careers, choreography or dance-making as some call it, would surmount all. One of the best stress-relievers, dancing is a dream career for many aspirants who have the finesse, moves, and attitude to be one. With an infinite variety of expressions and movements, choreography is construed as a reputed career in the field of music and dance.

Pay Scale

These professionals prefer working on an hourly basis, and hence, their salary is in accordance with the working hours they devote. As per the data acquired from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the median hourly pay is approximately USD 14. While a small segment make just about USD 8 per hour, most of them reach up to as good as USD 30. That brings us to analyze the average annual pay scale as somewhere between USD 25,000 to USD 55,000 depending on the location and work experience. This data is in reference to those who are employed in dance studios as well as institutions.

They also receive a supplementary allowance, and compensation for extra service. Many work in affiliation with the American Guild of Musical Artists, Inc., and other corporates in the field of media, who pay more. Choreographers need not be restrained to a single studio, they also work as guest choreographers, judges on television reality shows, and tutors.

This career is recession-proof as dancing is a form of human expression. That explains the strong and stable outlook in terms of job opportunities. The world is becoming increasingly fitness conscious, and dancing is one of the key sources for a healthy body and mind.

Educational Qualifications and Requirements

An aspirant in this field is required to have immense passion for dancing. There is no educational threshold as such, but one needs to be perpetually updated on the latest dance forms, and changes in the industry and consumer preferences. As a result, right from his or her childhood, one should be focused enough to learn all kinds of dancing, as training is an essential element of any professional choreographer's life. They need to be fit and vibrant in their body language, and their movements should be sharp. A dancer who can bemuse the audience with just a minute's performance is what this field requires.

A background in different forms of art, literature, and music is helpful to choreographers in understanding human emotions, and making them come alive through their performances. Courses or programs in theater, fine arts, and humanities are offered by many colleges and universities, which include genres like ballet, jazz, hip-hop, contemporary, and classical.

The most famous choreographers of all time have adhered the masses with their phenomenal skills, and paved the way for budding dancers and choreographers to shape a career of their choice. So, what makes you wait? Shall we dance?