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Two-step Dance Instructions

Two-step Dance Instructions
The two-step dance, also known as the Texas two-step is a popular country-western theme bar dance. You will enjoy this dance both as a participant as well as an audience.
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Last Updated: May 22, 2018
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Two-step dance is a relatively simple dance form to learn. As you practice your dance steps, you can add more fancy dance steps that are related to the Texas two-step dance. It can be easily performed in a large group. It involves moving around the floor in a full circle. You can spin and twirl as you move around the room when doing the dance. This dance is related to the Polka, another dance introduced in the 19th century.
Learning Two-step Dance
Dance Lesson
First, you need to practice your rhythm. Try counting and tapping beats to become familiar with two-step dancing. It involves dancing to a four count beat. Of these four beats, only three counts are steeped in the dance. So you should learn to count one, two, three instead of one, two, three, four.
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Concentrate on your feet without the music on. Think about what you are doing and avoid looking at your feet. Men need to remember, the first step is left foot forward and women, right foot backward. The next step is right foot forward for men and left foot backward for women.
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Now comes the fun part. The next two-steps are fast steps. You need to take a small left and then right step in the same amount of time that was taken to take a full step forward. Do not pass the first step during your second quick step. Step half-way up your first foot. Once you get the hang of this, put on some music and practice the dance following these instructions. The dance is done in a standard ballroom dance frame.
Texas Two-step Dance Method
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As you read the instructions, you will find this dance is very easy to learn. First, the couple stands with their feet together facing each other. The male partner puts his left hand out with the arm bent slightly and holds the female partner's hand gently. The female partner places her left hand on her partner's shoulder. She should now bend the right elbow and place the palm of the right hand lightly in the male partner's outstretched palm.
  • Beat 1: The male partner steps forward with his left foot. This is the first quick step.
  • Beat 2: The male partner brings the right foot up past the left foot and moves forward for the second quick step.
  • Beat 3 and 4: The male partner steps forward with his left, but holds on for the beat to pass. This is the slow step.
  • Beat 5 and 6: The male partner's right foot is stepped forward and holds on for an extra beat. This completes the basic form of slow step.
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The female dance partner does exactly opposite of the male partner's two-step dance steps. The female should follow the lead of her partner in reverse. Once you are comfortable performing the basic dance, try doing the pirouette. You need to turn a quarter on each of the first two-steps and then pull a very fast half turn on the quick steps. Learn new tricks and steps from someone who is an expert in this form of dancing.
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