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11 Seemingly Ordinary Things Only a Dancer Can Relate To

Things a Dancer Can Relate To
If dance is your passion, you know what it is like to grow up going to a dance class thrice a week, engaging yourself in summer workshops, participating in every competition (small or big), learning to put on makeup (all by yourself), and so on. This DancePoise write-up explores such exciting memorabilia, which every dancer can relate to.
Rujuta Patil
Last Updated: Mar 2, 2018
Nuns dancing
"Dance is the hidden language of the soul."
- Martha Graham
A dancer stays a dancer throughout his/her life. It doesn't matter if you are in shape or not, whether you practice on a daily basis, or if you perform before an audience once in a while. Dancing is like magic. And you need no props to get this magic working.

An urge to move is enough. The wheres and hows are taken care of by the body. Be it the rhythm of drums, a violin, a flute, or your heartbeats and breath, any music is good enough for dance when you feel like it. You just flow and let your energies channel into an artistic expression. Dance builds you into what you are. It helps you grow and reflect. There are many such expressions, no doubt, all dancers across the world share as dancers.
Things Only a Dancer Can Understand
Howsoever Bad the Pain, Save it for After the Show
Ballet dancer doing a spin - pirouette
Pirouettes are fun, aren't they? Sure, to the audience. One of the primary things only a ballet dancer can understand is the pain behind those flawless movements. When you are dancing away during a spotless performance, you are into the moments. You cannot hear your body telling you about the bruises and blisters, the aches and the stress. You smile away everything.
Addicted to Choreographing Every Song
Any piece of music you hear that has your favorite rhythm, you just have to set up a dance routine to it. Every dancer can relate to this; it is like a reflex action. And, you don't wanna miss out on a single catchy beat in the background while moving your body. You are obliged to choreograph every beat you hear, and also know which one of the 'offs' to leave blank.
Doing the Hair: Neither Too Tight, Nor Too Loose
Modern hip-hop dancer balancing on one hand
All experienced danseuses have a particular way of doing their hair. Dancers, especially with long hair, who have to tie a bow, know how painful it is when you don't find the perfect elastic rubber band. Two rounds and the hair is loose, but three rounds is just perfect. Wish the band stayed that way forever. You also become your own makeup artist, AND, you are unbelievably good at it.
Anxiety Before You Step on Stage, Each Time!
Even if you have been giving flawless performances for years, standing backstage you are always cold, at least until the first few minutes of the dance. For instance, as a ballerina, you can feel the butterflies in your stomach when you are thinking of a grand jeté you are about to attempt.
You Stretch and Stretch, But You're Still Not There
Ballerinas exercising at the Barre
All dancers can go back into their early years of learning, and take a glimpse at how ridiculously difficult some actions seemed once upon a time. At the barre, you stretch and stretch again, for long, to get that perfect arch and a perfect (no knee bends) posture. Still, at the end of the class, you feel like you are never gonna make it as a dancer. And yes, going back home with the thought, "How can she do it so easily?"
The Eternal Excuse: "I Have Dance Class"
Year after year, you have had to miss out on many fun trips or movie nights with your friends, because you always had your dance class. Yeah, it's stuck with you, even after you grew old. But you really don't like missing a dance session. And those trips either. Hard life!
I Did It!
Toddler about to do a somersault
Perfecting a step that you always wanted to do with all that grace and emotions is just the epitome of this 'relativity' of dancers. An exact landing, summing up just right on the beat, a picture perfect posture, with those elegant gestures, and the list goes on. Any dancer can relate to this feeling of contentment, which he/she awaits, and accomplishes after years of unflagging efforts.
Teaching the Juniors
Like it or not, like they did it to me, I would do it to others. Teaching the little kids those difficult postures, and helping them bend or stretch, is a must for a dancer, right? Also, advising their parents that they have it in them, and "Please let her take formal training in ballet". You can definitely relate to this, more so as an amateur.
Wishing You Marry Someone Who Can 'Lead' You
Dancing Couple
Quite funny, but true. Many dancers would want a life partner who knows how to dance, and dance well. Nothing short of a fairy tale! A fancy, where your man leads you on the dance floor, to the best choreographed moves ever. Dancing ballroom together, as a real-life couple. Wow!
Dance-mates at the Studio
Dancers posing in a Studio
Any dancer can associate with the fact that the dance studio is a second home. Your fellow classmates become your dance-mates in the long run. A dancer can understand very well what it means when someone says, "We have been dancing together since the past ten or fifteen years". You share your 'dancing childhood' with each other. As young learners, you grow up admiring the same masters, your seniors, and are in love with all that has to do with dance.
I Can Do it So Much Better
Oh, you have to be able to relate to this! if you don't, then you're not a dancer true at your heart. Watching others dance some really difficult moves, you go on to observe that you can do it so easily, which although a devilish thought, is familiar to every dancer.
Perfection is better distant. Many dancers have made this principle a habit, as they like striving towards this perfection every day, and not being satisfied with one's performance ever. It develops a lot of strength, physically and mentally. More so, if you dance for yourself. Like Rumi says, "Dance, when you're broken open. Dance, if you've torn the bandage off. Dance in the middle of the fighting. Dance in your blood. Dance when you're perfectly free".
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Fitness Dance
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