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Super-cool Party Dance Moves: Lose Yourself to Find Your SELF!

Party Dance Moves
Knowing some easy dance moves is of great help to ease in with the crowd at different events. Here are some popular moves that one can learn easily with just a little practice.
Debopriya Bose
Last Updated: Jul 22, 2017
Parties are meant to relax and have fun. Even if it is an office party, these occasions allow you to let your hair down and enjoy your colleagues' company. Though fun is guaranteed, it is not that every one knows each other in a party or get together. Other than providing an opportunity to enjoy the party, dances allow people to break the ice with others. There are different types of dances and dance styles. However, knowing a few simple party dance moves would give you the chance to join in a group dance at such social gatherings.
Easy Moves for Party Dance
Some believe that dancing is not their cup of tea. Well, if you are participating on the dance floor, then ensuring that your feet tap at the right beats is important. But the best thing about party dances, as I already said, is that you enjoy yourself. Just lose all your inhibitions and join in the fun with these easy moves.
The Bus Stop
This is one of the easiest dance steps that one can learn. It gives an option for those who get stiff at such gatherings, as all that one needs to do in this dance is keep up with the beat and step sidewards. One could also talk to his partner while doing this easy dance step. However, to break the monotony, why not take the steps a little further and add some turns to it. So here it is, the entire set of bus stop moves.
Take a right step sidewards. Bring your left foot by the side of the right foot. Take another step to the right, and then touch the right foot with the left one. Repeat the steps alternating the feet. This is the basic bus stop dance. But how long could you keep just stepping to the sides alternately? So here's a little variety to it. After having completed the steps with left foot, start with the right leg. Dig your right heel forward. Bring your right leg straight behind with the toe, tapping on the ground. Step forward on your right toe and take a 90 degree turn to the right. Cross your left leg in front of the right one. Touch the right toe out to the right side. Cross the right leg in front of the left one, and take the right one out to the side. That's it! Repeat the steps, and as you do it you would have taken a complete turn standing in your place.
Well, this might be quite an old dance. Nevertheless, once the music plays it is hard to hold oneself back. So start with putting your right hand out with palm facing down. Do the same with your left hand. Place right hand right in front of you with palm facing outwards. Place your left hand beside the right hand in the same manner. Put the right hand to the left shoulder. At the next beat, place the left hand on the right shoulder. Take the right hand to the back of the right ear. Follow this step with the left hand; put the left hand behind the left ear. Put the right hand on the right side of the hip, and the left hand on the left side of the hip at the next two consecutive beats. Now, place the two hands one after the other on the rear corresponding to the side of each hand. Swing your hip to the right, and then swing it again to the left. Maintain your hands' position on the rear. Then take a small jump to the right and repeat the steps.
Bunny Hop Dance
Want to have a good laugh while you dance or when others do so? What about the bunny hop dance? Though this is taught to kids in primary school, it is great fun to do the steps as well as see grown ups hopping around the dance floor like bunnies! This is a type of line dance, so all the participants need to stand one behind the other with their hands on the hips of the person in front of them. At the first beat, kick the right foot out to the side in the air then bring it down to the ground with a tap of the heel. Repeat the step with the same foot. However, raise the foot a little higher up in the air this time. Do the same with the left foot. At the next beat keep your feet together and hop forward. Hop backward the same way at the following beat. Finish the step with two hops backward on the next two beats that follow.
More than doing a complicated dance, make your dance steps neat, that match up to the beats. It's all about being and looking comfortable, and enjoying the dance.
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