Beginners, Keep Grooving With These Awesome Line Dancing Steps

Line Dancing Steps for Beginners
In love with country music? Then, you sure will like line dancing. Wanna learn some easy steps to groove on your favorite song? This article aims at explaining the line dancing steps for beginners and giving all relevant information about the same.
A line dance can be defined as a dance form, in which many people (including males and females) dance in lines or in rows in such a way that the steps done by all are the same. The number of lines or rows can be one or more, and every member of the dance activity faces the same direction. When you are a beginner, the choreographer should teach you some easy steps to increase your confidence. Later, the same dance sequence is to be followed incorporating some variations throughout. In this form of dancing, it's very important to remember the steps properly. The steps will become more and more complex as your expertise increases. This is usually a six-beat or eight-beat dance and can be broken into more counts to simplify the learning process. The western line dancing steps are known to be great―are a visual treat for onlookers and are included in the popular types of dances.

Easy Line Dancing Steps

shuffle line dancing steps

Shuffle involves going forward using your right foot at the time your left foot is raised off the ground. You can also repeat this procedure with the other leg once your right leg is back, after stepping back on the left foot.

right grapevine line dancing steps

In the Grapevine, you have your feet together initially and then you are supposed to cross your right foot on the back of the left one, after your left foot is stepped to the side. Then, you will have to cross your left foot over the right one and repeat the same steps with the other foot. You can start with any foot first; the illustration presented here is that of Right Grapevine.

right chasse line dancing steps

This is one of the most interesting line dancing steps, in which you have to move one foot to the side and then try to get the other foot near it and vice versa. Here, we have shown an illustration of Right Chasse.

twist line dancing step 1

Start with keeping your feet at a shoulder-apart distance, putting equal weight on both.

twist line dancing step 2

Take one foot forward, here we are going with the right first―putting weight on right and balancing with the left foot. You can even do twist by keeping your feet in the same plane and skipping this step, but the move might look a bit stiff.
twist line dancing step 3

Next, extend your arms outwards, bending the elbows at an angle. Refer to the illustration above.
As you proceed to make a twist, your arms will follow the movement of your hips. When your waist 'twists', the arm of the same side will go down, and the other one will go upwards, balancing the weight.

twist line dancing step 4

Next, go in for swinging your hips, side to side. When you rotate your torso to the right, your waist will move in right with your right leg being forward. The same applies for the left counterpart.

twist line dancing step 5

As you swing your hips, your body weight will shift from side to side as well. You'll get a gentle bent at your knees while doing this.
Twist in sync with the rhythm of the song, landing each twist with the respective beat. And we twist ... twist ... twist ...

right weave dancing steps

This step which has similarities with Grapevine consists of crosses in front and behind.

Now that you're acquainted with the basic line dancing steps, try doing sequences given below.

In the Hitch steps for line dancing, you have to get your upper leg at a position which is parallel to the floor by lifting one knee in the upward direction. The upper leg which is parallel to the floor must make a right angle with the lower part of the leg which is down.

The Scuff is one of the most important steps. In this step, the sole of your shoe remains in contact with the ground, even after you keep swinging your leg past the stable standing foot. You can easily change the directions in a line dancing session by using the Scuff dancing step.

Jazz Box
In this step, the first step is to cross your right foot over your left by putting weight on it and then step back on your left foot. Then, by leaving a sufficient gap between both the feet, step your right foot to your left foot. The weight gets transferred to your left foot, once you close your left foot near the right.

This line dance step involves the crossing of right leg in front of the left, in the standing position.

These line dancing steps for beginners will help the dance lovers learn this art fast. It is a great exercise along with the entertainment factor associated with it.
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