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How to Waltz

A simple, yet an elegant ballroom dance, waltz is usually done at formal parties and gatherings. The step-by-step guide is given next, which will having you waltzing in no time.
Sheetal Mandora Sep 29, 2018
Performed in closed position, waltz is a smooth, progressive ballroom and folk dance in triple time. Many couples on their wedding day, choose this dance form as their first song as husband and wife. But regardless of why you wish to learn the dance, the steps will help you understand the basics.

Basic Steps for Beginners

Recognized as a formal and a social dance form, the steps mentioned below are primarily for men. As they lead the women through the steps, women have to mirror their steps. So if it says, "left foot forward', for women it'll mean 'right foot backward'. Simple enough, right?
Step #1: First of all, stand with your backs straight and upright, while keeping your knees loose. Hold your partner close, and clasp her right hand with your left hand. Hold it at shoulder's height, while you place your right hand to cup her shoulder blade.
Extending your left arm, take her right hand in yours while she has her left hand placed on your right shoulder. The elbows will be at shoulder level. Remember, everything that the man (or whoever is leading), the woman will mirror the movements.
Step #2: This dance form has a three-beat count and is performed while you move around the floor in a square box. As you begin, a good way to not miss a step is by keeping a count in your head. Making 2, 3-counts will complete the box.
So as soon as the music begins, on the first beat, the man will gracefully step his left foot forward. The woman will also take a step, but with her right foot, and go backwards.
Step #3: With the second beat, the man will take a diagonal step with his right foot. The step will look something like an upside-down 'L'. However, you won't firmly place the foot on the floor. Here, you will just sway to the third step with your right foot.
Step #4: By the third beat, you will bring your right foot next to your left foot. This will bring both your feet together just like the starting position. But, the square hasn't been completed yet. You still have 3 more counts left.
Step #5: So at the fourth beat, take a step back with your right foot. Your partner will follow you with her left foot, and step forward.
Step #6: With the fifth beat, move to your left with the left foot not placing firmly; like the same swaying step.
Step #7: At the sixth beat, bring both your feet back together at the starting position to complete the square.
The dance keeps moving forward with these step being repeated over and over again. With enough practice, try to pivot and cover as much ground as you can. It may seem difficult at first, trying to remember which foot to move first and all. But with enough patience and lots of practice, you can get it right.