Learn How to Moonwalk and Fluidly Feign Zero Gravity

How to Moonwalk
So you are one of the aspiring dancers who wants to know, how to moonwalk. Let's check out some instructions on how to do it and put forth our first step, towards becoming the next Michael Jackson. Read on, to learn...
"How do they do it" is the first question that raises in your mind, when you see Michael Jackson perform or any other dance artist for that matter. Their fine movements of legs and body flowing like water makes you go crazy and it makes you want to be like them; don't you? So here are some instructions that will help you learn moonwalk fast and these steps are very easy too. We will learn how to moonwalk, step by step.

How to Moonwalk Step by Step?
Moonwalking requires concentration and balancing and more importantly a lot of practice. The leg movements are the most essential task to understand, to learn moonwalking. There are some prerequisites for beginners, like while practicing wear loose clothes, ensure you are moonwalking on a smooth floor and your shoes should have a flat bottom or you can even wear socks if you want. Just keep in mind, all we need is smoothness in our actions. Moonwalk dance step is nothing but a illusion created by the body movements, which makes it appear as if we are walking straight but somehow moving backwards.

Moonwalk Dance Steps - 1
Moonwalk Step #1
Buy a ticket to travel to moon, just kidding!! Stand straight in attention, easy man not so stiff, what I meant was compose yourself, you have to make your body flow, so just ease your body a bit and see if your feet are together.

Moonwalk Dance Steps - 2
L-shape posture
Moonwalk Step #2
Here comes the famous L-shape posture, don't get lost, let me explain what L-shaped posture is. Drag your right leg back in a way such that the position of your foot ankle is up and your toes are pointing to the floor. Now see to it that you haven't moved your left leg at all. This is the L-shape posture. Remember this movement, you have to keep repeating it.

Moonwalk Dance Steps - 3
Moonwalk Step #3
Understand the position your feet are in, do not loose your balance. See that you have made an adequate distance between your feet, say about 10 to 12 inches, not too close, not too far and also ensure that your feet are about 3 to 4 inches apart.

Moonwalk Dance Steps - 4
Moonwalk Step #4
Your legs are now in L-shape posture. Don't mess up, do it carefully. Next what you have to do is, by putting pressure on the floor with your right foot toes and using this as grip drag the left foot back, passing by the right leg.

Moonwalk Dance Steps - 5
Moonwalk Step #5
The position you are in right now is that your left foot is back and your right foot is in front. Now switch the L-shape posture to your left leg. Since the left leg is at the back, tilt your left foot ankle up and toes pointing to floor and simultaneously put down your right foot flat just as you had done the step with your left leg, in the previous step.

Moonwalk Dance Steps - 6
Moonwalk Step #6
You are almost there, perform the same step as shown in step 4, by putting pressure from toes of your left foot toes and then using it as grip, drag your right leg behind, passing by your left foot. Ensure, while dragging never ever tilt your foot. The soul of your foot should never leave the floor while dragging. Here's a trick to make the movements look more free-flowing. Divide the dragging movements into two parts. First drag your feet with you foot soul intact on the floor, until it passes the other foot. Now once you have passed your other foot, slowly start tilting your feet and also dragging it backwards. All the movements should be in conformity to each other.

Moonwalk Step #7
We are back to step 2, your left foot is again in front and right foot is at the back. Switch the L-shape posture and repeats the steps 2 to 7.

Moonwalk Step #8
Now add some spice to your dance movements, show some hand gestures as if you are walking. This will create a perfect illusion of a moonwalk. Also show some head movements, by putting your head forward, to show as if you are trying to move forward.

Moonwalk Dance Steps in Animated GIF Format
Moonwalk GIF Animation

See this is how you moonwalk like Michael Jackson. Was it that difficult as it seems? But remember, beginners need to practice these steps a lot. You need to keep moving you legs all the time for starters, your toes may pain a bit, but what the heck! That's the price you have to give to learn something new; 'hard work'. So practice and when you have perfected how to moonwalk, show off your performance to your friends and astonish them by your moonwalk dance. Show the world, you are not less than Michael Jackson, of course, when it comes to dancing.