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How to Learn Hip Hop Dance Moves

The mention of hip hop music brings to the fore the dance linked to it. If you want to know more about this dance and associated moves, then read on.
DancePoise Staff
Last Updated: Mar 10, 2018
I am sure most of you love watching hip-hop dance. It's all about the funky moves and 'cool dude' attitude. But if you are a Wade Robson-to-be or worship Brian Freedman, then perhaps you need to get up from the couch potato position and get into some jig.
But wait, do you know what are the hip hop dance styles? Let's check them out!
Hip Hop Dance Moves and Styles
Sam Solomon should be thanked for this dance move. He came up with it in California, in the 1970s. It is one of the original funk styles of dance. The basic technique here is, a dancer quickly contracts and relaxes his muscles for causing a jerk, called pop or a hit. When using popping as an umbrella term, there are many moves like electric boogaloo, cobra, crazy legs, fresno, dime shopping and so on. It is a major style and is a frequent subject of dance competitions.
A style of street dance, it is based on fast and trenchant arm and hand movements, in tandem with relaxed legs and hips. The name of this style comes from its typical movements, which include or rather mean freezing from a rapid movement into a 'locking' state, holding that position and then moving on to another step in the same speed as before. With its movements exaggerated and sometimes comical, it is a complete performance-oriented dance. A dancer doing locking has great scope to interact with the audience and the moves are very tightly in harmony with the music. Jazz split, kick, iron horse, alpha, leo walk, knee drop, scooby walk and scooby doo are some of the prominent dance moves in this style.
Breaking or B-Boying
A favorite and extremely popular amongst Latinos and Black Americans, this style evolved in South Bronx in New York in the 1970s. Practitioners of this dance style are called as b-boys or b-girls. Hip hop music or music genres remixed for prolonging breaks is what suits this style the best. Some of the moves are top rock, drops, freezes, flare, floats, etc. These moves either come in the power or style technique in b-boying. It is the most media-adored style in hip-hop and has always been under the paparazzi glare.
Now you must be tempted to get and dance. Well it's time to do the moves!
How to Do Hip Hop
Slipe and Slide: Start with a standing position, moving your right foot out and back. Now raising your hand to a comfortable level or rather height, lean to the left for retention of balance. Follow this by pulling the right foot back to the standing position, while you keep your hands at your side. Do this with your left leg.
Crip Walk: Again, begin with a standing position and keep your feet shoulder-length apart. Now place the left heel in line with the right toe. Now move the ball of your left foot a little up from the floor, then move it sideways on the left and regain the earlier position. All this with your left heel touching the floor. When you step your left foot sideways, and move your right leg behind your left. Go back to the initial position of the right leg, simultaneously placing your left foot back in the front.
Kick Ball Challenge: Well, this is an easy one. Put your feet together in an upright position and kick with your right foot, coming back to the earlier pose. Next, step to the right and place your weight onto the right foot. Now picking up your left footstep sideways and shift the weight on the left foot. This is one of the easiest moves.
Walk it Out: It involves simple twisting of legs to the left and right. Sway and wave your hands to add that funky touch to the step.
Salute: Put your feet together in a standing position and look to your right. While you look to your right, hold your arms at shoulder length, hands pointing towards right side. Along with this, left arm should be folded, also pointing towards right. Likewise do this on the left hand side with arms and hands pointing left. Then, bending your knees slightly, step forward on your right leg.
Now move your right arm and shoulder in such a shape that it will form an L in the front. Next, under the right elbow, put your left arm. With your face to the left, get back to the upright position. Now pushing your right palm to the front, turn, and bend your left arm at shoulder height in the opposite direction of your right palm, and look back. Whew! This was tough! (but I guess not as tough as writing it!).
I hope you manage to understand and be able to do at least a couple of these! What are you waiting for now? Put on your dancing caps and begin!
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