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How to Dress for the Swing Dance to Avoid a Wardrobe Malfunction

How to Dress for Swing Dance
Swing dancing is great fun and requires a lot of body movement. If you have enrolled for dance lessons, it is important that you know how to dress for swing dance, so that you can focus more on learning the dance and not on an impending wardrobe malfunction...
Rohini Mohan
Last Updated: Feb 7, 2019
swing dance
If you have recently enrolled for swing dancing classes, you must make sure that you are suitably dressed for this dance form. Swing dancing is a full throttle dance style which requires many jumps, swirls, twist and turns, which is nothing less than running a marathon!
In order to be able to dance as freely as it is expected of the dance, you will need to wear loose fitted clothes, and yet maintain high fashion sensibilities. The swing dance style was in rave during the 1920s in America and many European countries, and swayed to the beat of high tempo jazz music of that time.
This dance has not, to this day, lost its charm. So if you are wondering about how to dress for a swing dance, you will need to take a sneak-peek at the popular fashion trends of that era and emulate the style in your next dance lesson.
Women's Swing Dance Fashion
couple dancing
The A-line pattern skirts were very popular during that time, as these allowed the lady to dance comfortably.
Make sure you buy a skirt or a dress which is free-flowing, really flared out and will reach up till your knees or a little above them. You may replicate the 20s and 40s fashion trend, to make tailored dresses and skirts. Also remember that the fabric must be light and should be able to absorb sweat, as swing dancing is surely going to get you drenched!
Always wear leotards under your dress or skirt, as your dress is bound to be flying all over the place when you are lifted up in the air and swung around, like a rag doll. You may even try wearing baggy trousers, which have been fashionably tailored to fit you.
Wear short-sleeved, stretchable and fashionable blouses, as these will complement the vintage skirt and keep you cool at the same time. You really need to use your entire body while swing dancing, which is why it would be advised that you wear a blouse that allows you to move your hands and waist comfortably.
Dancing Shoes
dancing shoes
Wear shoes with heels, as long as the base of the heel is broad. Buy shoes that are specifically meant for swing dance. Avoid rubber soled shoes as these will interfere with your movement by making it difficult for you to turn and twist in time.
It is best to wear sandals with a slight heel, as it gives you a greater grip, especially while landing back on your feet. Secondly, pointed heels can cause injuries to you, your dancing partner as well as other people dancing near you.
Avoid wearing any sort of hanging jewelry such as necklaces, earrings, bracelets etc. Even though jewelry was popular in those days, it was rarely ever worn during a swing dancing session. The reason being that the jewelry could easily get stuck onto the partners or some part of the dress, thereby increasing the risk of accidents and injury.
Men's Swing Dance Fashion
Baggy Trousers
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Men should wear well-tailored trousers which allow them ample freedom to dance. The trousers must be baggy, and comfortable. The fabric must be appropriate for swing dancing and must be able to absorb sweat and withstand the fast stretching movements.
Loose Shirts
pair of dancers
Wearing a half sleeved T-shirt or shirt would be ideal, while doing this dance. Or you could simply fold up the sleeves of your full sleeved shirt and get started. The shirt fabric must be airy and must absorb sweat, so that you remain cool, during and after dancing.
Dancing Shoes
leather shoe
Leather shoes with rubber insoles would be best for doing this dance. However if you are in an informal gathering, you may wear sports shoes as well!
TheĀ givenĀ suggestions on how to dress for swing dance will help you sail smoothly through your dance lessons. Swing dancing is all about comfort and flexibility, so make it a point to achieve just that.