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How to Become a Professional Ballroom Dancer

Ballroom dancing is one of the most intensely-passionate dance forms. It not only requires stamina, grace, and style but it also requires love for this art form. Let's look at factors that will help in becoming a professional ballroom dancer.
DancePoise Staff
Ballroom dancing is an art full of passion, expression, grace, style and attitude. It is also one of the classiest dance forms. If you want to become a professional ballroom dancer you need to start with learning more about this dance form and realize this is your favorite dance form and you enjoy it the most.
After you have evaluated and decided that ballroom dancing is what you are made for, you have to wait for nothing. All you need to do is get started. Let's see how!
Find a Guru
This for me remains on the top priority. Everyone who is deeply involved into some art form needs a guru. Your Guru will be that one person who will know you as an artist inside out. He'll be your guiding light, your support and will replace your guiding angel when you are in a dilemma. It is important to find your Guru. Though it does not mean that you can't start learning ballroom dancing until you find him. Start your new endeavor and you will find him/her in your ongoing journey.
Get Trained
Enroll yourself in a Ballroom Dancing School or a Training institute. Getting trained is very important, as it teaches you so many things that cannot be explained in a book or by watching someone. You have to do it, to know it. Look for an institute that matches with what you exactly want. Once you have made your entry in the right place you will by default, go places.
Find a Good Partner
You may or may not have the liberty to choose your partner in your dance school, but by finding a good partner I meant, choose a good dance partner with whom you can practice and grow with. It will be an advantage if the partner you have is at a more advanced stage of learning. This will help you learn better and faster. It is always a boon to get a partner like that. Again, you don't have to wait for the right partner to begin learning. You will find your partner in the learning process.
Video & Music Collection
Have your own collection of ballroom music and ballroom dance instruction videos. Use them for practice and as additional guidance. You could also refer a few guides and instruction textbooks written by the professionals in the field.
Practice Regularly
This is the most important mantra for mastering any skill. Practice as much as you can; give it time! You may have to sacrifice on the other activities you do, but it will all be paid off eventually. A regular practice will make you better each day.
Focus on Your Goal
To master any activity, you need to concentrate and focus on your goal. Get your target clear, give your self a timeline. Give in everything when you are learning and performing.
Take Criticism as Motivation
When you are in your learning stage, you will make mistakes. Everyone does! You may have to face the shouting and ego-tearing too. But, that's the only way forward. Accept the flaws in you and improve. Take up all the scolding as advises and show your mentor how good you can be.
Participate in Competitions and Concerts
No art is complete unless performed. It is very important to participate in competitions to test your ability and also to gain exposure. When you look at others you will be motivated to improve. This will be a platform that will help you test yourself as a performer.
Dress Up the Right Way
Every outfit has a character in itself. Get the right pair of a dance gown and shoes which fit you the best and give the perfect feeling too.
Don't Compete While Learning
Being competitive is natural and you need to compete too, but only in competitions. When you are getting trained, do not compete with others around you. Because that can retard your growth and can also make you overconfident or insecure. Avoid these feeling and thoughts completely, to give proper justice to your dance.
Start Saving
Even though I have mentioned this point at last, it is still a very important factor. You will need to spend a lot in the process. You will need money for the training fees, costumes and other associated expenses. So start saving now!
The above listed points are like guidelines that will help you in your path towards becoming a professional ballroom dancer. Give in your 100%, do your role sincerely and love what you do. You will soon be there.