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Famous Choreographers

When we talk about dance and its different moves, we talk about choreographers. This is a list of some of the famous choreographers of all time, well-known and expert in their own genre of dancing.
DancePoise Staff
There are, as most of us are aware, several types or genres of dance such as ballet, jazz, broadway, tap, hip-hop, modern, swing, contra dance, country, western, belly dance, flamenco, Latin dance, and folk dance. Choreography may be nothing more than a technique for most people. But for the people cited here, it is a finely tuned method of expression and communication. Here is a quick look on some of the best choreographers of all time.
George Balanchine
Born on January 22, 1904, in St. Petersburg, Russia, George Balanchine is regarded as one of the best choreographers of the 20th century, who brought in the contemporary style of dancing. He was also the pioneer of the ballet dance form in the United States and the ballet master of New York Ballet. George was 79 when he died on April 30, 1983.
Bob Fosse
If anyone was known to be among the most influential men in the history of jazz dance form, it was Bob Fosse. Born in Chicago, Illinois, on June 23, 1927, Bob, apart from being a choreographer, was also American musical theater director, screenwriter, and film director. He passed away on September 23, 1987.
Alvin Ailey
Alvin Ailey was a well-known African-American choreographer and dancer in the history of modern dance techniques. He was born on January 5, 1931 in Rogers, Texas, United States. His spiritual and gospel background were the primary elements of his unique choreography. Alvin passed away on December 1, 1989.
Katherine Dunham
Katherine Dunham, born on June 22, 1909 in Glen Ellyn, Illinois, USA, helped to establish black dance as an art form in America. Katherine was a dancer, an author, educator, and she also received training as an anthropologist.
Paul Taylor
Among the famous choreographers who are still among us is Paul Taylor. He was born on June 29 1930 Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania. He founded the Paul Taylor Dance Company in 1954. The basic element of his choreography, which makes him different from others, is his use of everyday gestures as a part of his dance moves.
Following is a list of choreographers who have done immensely well in ballet, jazz, and broadway.

Names Dance Genres
Alvin Ailey Ballet
Erik Bruhn Ballet
Hannelore Bey Ballet
Gasparo Angiolini Ballet
Frederick Ashton Ballet
Nina Ananiashvili Ballet
Darcey Bussell Ballet
Julie Bournonville Ballet
Leslie Caron Ballet
Vakhtang Chabukiani Ballet
Joaquín Cortés Ballet
John Cranko Ballet
Louis Deland Ballet
Anton Dolin Ballet
Anthony Dowell Ballet
Irina Dvorovenko Ballet
Suzanne Farrell Ballet
Marie Favart Ballet
Lorena Feijóo Ballet
Louis Gallodier Ballet
Adeline Genée Ballet
Yvonne Georgi Ballet
Jeffrey Golladay Ballet
Fabio Grossi Ballet
Evelyn Har Ballet
Robert Helpmann Ballet
Hedda Hjortsberg Ballet
Anna Sophia Holmstedt Ballet
Karen Kain Ballet
Zizi Jeanmaire Ballet
Vera Karalli Ballet
Tracy Li Ballet
Serge Lifar Ballet
Lydia Lopokova Ballet
Sabrina Matthews Ballet
Sulamith Messerer Ballet
Vaslav Nijinsky Ballet
Ivan Novikoff Ballet
Rudolf Nureyev Ballet
Nadia Nerina Ballet
David Poole Ballet
Sergiu Pobereznic Ballet
Merle Park Ballet
Daniel Rajna Ballet
Anders SelinderBalle Ballet
Charlotte Slottsberg Ballet
Moira Shearer Ballet
Phyllis Spira-Boyd Ballet
Lynn Seymour Ballet
Marie Taglioni Ballet
Bill Robinson Jazz
Bob Fosse Jazz
Donald Mc Kayle Jazz
Gerome Robbins Jazz
Geene Kelly  Jazz
Jack Cole Jazz
Josephine Baker Jazz
Katherine Dunham Jazz
Lester Horton Jazz
Luigi Jazz
Matt Mattox Jazz
Michael Kidd Jazz
Talley Beatty Jazz
The Nicholas Bros Jazz
Gus Giordano Jazz
Savion Glover Jazz
Adele Astaire Broadway
Fred Astaire Broadway
Vera-Ellen Broadway
Gwen Verdon Broadway
These people have not just learned the different forms of dance, they have lived each moment of their performance. And in this way, they have not only been a relishing entertainment for the masses, but for themselves as well.