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Easy Dance Steps

Kanika Khara Sep 29, 2018
If you are one of those who always look out for some easy ways to improve your dancing skills, then here are some easy dance steps that will help you dazzle amongst your friends.
Dance is one of the most expressive and active forms of art. Anybody and everybody can dance, all it takes is proper guidance, right coordination of the body movements with the music, and practice. Even if you are a novice, a bit of passion towards dancing and dedication can make you learn this art very fast, and eventually with practice you can master it.
Dancing is a fun social activity enjoyed by people of all ages. Kids, especially, are fast learners and hardly need any motivation.

Things to remember

Whether it is a party or just a junior high school dance, it is important to create a safe, inspiring environment for children to dance. For young kids, the floor should have carpets to limit their chances of slipping and getting hurt. Dimming the lights, playing all genres of music with upbeat and rhythmic sound effects may create a fun atmosphere.
Start with some simple moves like marching, hopping, skipping, galloping, spinning, crawling, etc., and name the moves so that kids can remember them better. Gradually start synchronizing certain moves, like jumping back and forth to do the Bunny Hop, or sliding from left to right to do the Electric Slide, etc.

Bus Stop

This is the easiest dance move comprising the movement of the feet moving back and forth. It helps to overcome stiffness or other awkward stances that many non-dancers tend to feel while in the middle of a party.
All you have to do is step to the side with the right foot, and bring in the left foot so they touch; repeat the step, and then switch directions.


One of the most campy steps that takes you to the dorky moves of early 90s. Stretch the right hand with the palm down and do the same with the left hand. Flip the right palm over, then the left palm and touch the right hand to the left shoulder, and then cross the left hand over to touch the right shoulder.
Gradually touch the right hand to the back of the right ear and then touch the left hand to the left ear. Keep the right hand on the right hip and repeat the step for the left side as well. Repeat the two steps so that the hands are on the rear. Do a small hip wiggle, and jump a quarter clockwise.

Soulja Boy

For this, bend knees, jump in air and land with the right foot crossed over the left. Kick the left foot behind so that the right foot touches the ball of the foot.
Return to the initial position, pop the right foot and left shoulder forward with the upper body bending down at right angle.
Now the ball of the right foot should touch out in front and then to the right, and finally pop up and down to the side once. In the next part of Soulja Boy, press hands together in a diving position and push hands outward with the right leg cocked behind.
Stretch the arms, keep the feet apart and hop to the left three times and then to the right three times. While hopping keep the arms angled like a boxer and dance by adding to the rhythms and overall look of the set. Finally, repeat the entire sequence of steps but this time in the opposite direction.
These were some of the basic steps for beginners and kids that will surely help many novice dancers overcome their fear. But remember, practice makes a man perfect, hence no matter how simple these steps are, practice them and one day the party floor will be yours!