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Easy Breakdance Moves to Feel Fluid Feet Flippin' on the Floor

Easy Breakdance Moves
Although breakdance is one of the most challenging forms of dance, undoubtedly it is also the most exciting dance to perform. The article talks about some easy breakdance moves for beginners that are simple to learn and follow.
Kanika Khara
Last Updated: Jul 22, 2017
Being one of the most difficult dance forms, nothing turns more heads at a party or a nightclub than a performance by a skilled break dancer. Break dancing brings genuine respect and credibility to anyone who performs it right. It is so amazing to watch that we start feeling that someday even we can do the same. And why not? It doesn't matter if you have danced before or not, anyone can learn break dance. I am sure most of us in quest of learning some breakdance moves must have wasted lots of time and money in surfing different websites or joining various seminars, classes, etc. Though sometimes these sources help, in most of the cases we get struck with those complicated and difficult instructions that may take hours or even days to understand.
Breakdance Moves to Learn
Hand Glide: Hand glide is a kind of spin normally performed by balancing on a one-handed float position. To perform this move you have to start off with your hands and knees on the ground, just the way one crawls. Keep your elbow on your hip with your back slightly hunched and try to balance with your right hand while pushing off with the left. Repeat the spins carefully until you are able to make several circles. To spin faster, you can also keep something slick underneath your hand.
Windmill: In this move, you touch the ground with your arms while supporting and pushing off next rotation simultaneously. Keep your hands and knees on the ground and starting with your left leg, throw both the legs up so that your body's entire weight falls on your hands. You can also lift your legs by pushing off with your right arm. Straighten your legs and spread them wide apart. Push off on your right arm and roll over on the left in a counter-clockwise direction to create a spinning motion; this will enable you to spin on your back. Now when you roll on your front side, support your weight with your right shoulder and left hand. Finally roll across your back while rotating and swinging your legs in the air and alternate between rolling on your back, left hand and right arm.
One Leg Swipe: One leg swipe or one foot swipe is performed with one foot in the air (often pointed straight out), commonly keeping the leg on the inside of the rotation. Begin on a crab position with your hands and legs on the ground and chest facing upwards. Raise your left arm over your head, relieving the weight of your body from the right arm with a swinging momentum. As your right hand touches the ground, lift your left leg and bring it to the same level as your right knee. Make sure to keep your left leg straight and then bring your right knee to a right angle, while keeping your whole body straight. Rotate with your upper body, so that your right hand touches the ground and the left begins to swing around. As your right foot lands on the ground, the right hand will lift up to follow the left hand.
Turtle: Turtle is a circular form of float, performed alternately by moving one hand forward and the other backwards. Start in a kneeling position with both hands and knees on the ground and try to balance your elbows between the stomach and hip regions. Lean forward with your hands, a foot apart with most of your weight on your elbows. Your arms should be at a 90 degree angle and carefully try to tuck your legs in so that they are close to your butt region. Now try to hold this position for at least 10 seconds and once you are comfortable, slowly increase your hold time.
Top Rock: Top rock is an easy-to-learn warm up move in which you have to place your right foot in front of your left foot with your arms held backwards. Hop forward on your right foot while sending your left back and then let your left foot swing halfway forward as your right foot goes halfway backwards. Now return the left foot before the right foot while pumping backward with your arms. Swing forward with your left foot while going back with your right foot. Finally return the left foot to the start while pushing your arms forward.
While performing these moves, don't over-stress yourself as you may end up hurting or spraining your muscles. Breakdance demands lots of balance, body and cardiovascular strength, hence it is also helpful in losing weight and toning body. So what are you waiting for, wear your dancing shoes and set the dance floor on fire!
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