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Dance Steps to Thriller

Dance Steps to Thriller
Did you know that the song Thriller was originally titled Starlight Love? Somehow, imagining dance steps to the song Thriller replaced by Starlight Love dance steps just does not have the same effect. In this article, we give you some little known facts about the song and also a step-by-step guide to learn dance steps to the song, Thriller.
Tulika Nair
The title track of the 1982 album Thriller was released much after the other hit songs from the album, Billie Jean and Beat it. The album had nine songs, seven of which reached the top ten of the Billboard Hot 100. But nothing surpassed the popularity of Thriller, which can be attributed to a large extent to Michael Jackson's Thriller, the 14 minute long video that was released with the single, which has been voted several times, as the most influential pop music videos of all time. The dance steps to the song, Thriller became a huge rage, especially due to the choreographed sequence where Michael Jackson leads a group of zombies. With its unique theme, this video directed by John Landis, started the trend of group dance routines in music videos. The concept of the video revolved around a couple on their way back home from a horror film, who are trapped by zombies. The zombie like dance that Thriller was danced to captured the imagination of millions of fans, all of whom wanted to recreate the seemingly simple dance steps. The video still features on the list of one of the most expensive videos made. Due to his personal beliefs, the King of Pop released the video with a disclaimer stating, "Due to my strong personal convictions, I wish to stress that this film in no way endorses a belief in the occult."

Dance Steps Instructions for Thriller

Given below are the step-by-step instructions to learn the simple dance steps to the song Thriller. Just follow these instructions for Thriller dance and in no time you will have mastered these iconic dancing steps, that were and still are quite the rage.

1 The first thing you need to do is stand with your feet slightly apart. Now march in place four times, starting with your right foot. Continue marching, with your head jerking towards the left on every fourth beat. Once you have marched for four beats on your place, march backwards starting with your right foot. This entire step needs to be repeated twice. Your body needs to be slightly loose like a dead body, but at the same time your movements need to be exaggerated.
2 Now the march step will be supplemented with a shoulder jerk, during which you spread out your arms at shoulder level and bounce your shoulder after second step, when you jerk your head to the left.
3 Now bring your feet together. Spread out your arms and walk forwards with your right foot. Now mimic the movement of swimming with your arms.
4 Now place your right foot pointing to the right and your left foot forward and slouch from your neck. Then quickly jump to the right and bring your back to an upright position again. Let your arms slump as you do that. Now shuffle leftwards for two counts and then forward for two counts.
5 Now place your left hand on your belt and let your right arm be stretched outward. Now bend your knees and come up. While doing this, let the right hand which should be drooping, come up and lower as your knees bend. This step should be repeated four times.
6 Now bring your arms in front of you and lower them. Bend your knees and slide towards your left thrice and clap with your arms above your head. Now bring your feet together in a stomping way and hike your shoulders. Repeat to the left.
7 Now stand with your feet at shoulder width. Let your hands hang at your belt. Now move your hips to the right, then the left, thrice in each direction. Bend right knee and then straighten it out. Kick out with your left leg and stretch out with right arm. Shift your weight to the left leg and move your hips to the left twice. Bend your right knee and drag your right foot towards the left. Now lift your right knee and hold up your right arm to resemble a lion roaring. Shift two steps to the right and repeat the roaring action to the left.
8 Now jump up and circle your arms, from the left, over your head back to the position where they started from. Touch the floor and then come back to the standing position. Stomp to the left with your left leg out and then turn on your right. Repeat this thrice. Slouch forwards with your hands placed on your thigh, step with left foot forward. After that, pivot on your right foot to turn towards the left.
9 Move your right and left leg one after the other and then move forward in three steps quickly. Repeat this, starting on the left foot and then backwards.
10 Now move to your right and snap to the right and then snap to the left. Repeat this step eight times and end by snapping on the right. Now repeat this in the opposite direction. Act like you are playing the air guitar on the right side. Now jerk towards the left and stand with a left lean. Bend your right arm to the left and then move it to the right again, turning at the same time. Repeat this four times. Now bend towards the right and grab at the air and pull in. Punch your hand to the left thrice. Now jerk your body and bend towards the front and hold it for two beats.
11 Now hop to the right and then left. Bunch up your shoulders, turn left and then kick your left knee outwards. Now pull your arms to your sides again. Pull the right leg in and then move the left leg one step to the left. Now point your right toe to the right and hold and point it upwards. Do the same with the left toe. Nod twice and lower your arm while moving your left hip. Now repeat this and take four steps to the front. Leap to the front and then drop to the floor. Now rise in a zombie like stance.
12 Step to your left with your legs at shoulder width. Turn on your right leg and while doing so, stomp your left leg six times. Now while hunching, take eight steps forward. Repeat this step again. There you have it, the Thriller dance

The Thriller video was in December 2009 selected as the most famous video of all times by the National Film Registry. When it was released, the video received two Grammy awards and four MTV awards, all thanks to the look and concept of the video and the dance steps to the song Thriller. In fact, believe it or not, the dance has led to the creation of an organization dedicated to organizing events that break world records for performing this dance on a huge scale. So if you have learned the steps, you can put on your dancing shoes and burn the dance floor.