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Dance Routines to Lose Weight

Pragya T Sep 29, 2018
Dance is the most fun workout to lose weight. By dancing the right way, one can lose weight and maintain an attractive physic. Read on to know about some dance routines to lose weight.
Many people say that they can't dance. Well, everybody can dance, it is just that you have to coordinate the right movements with the music. But, there are people who love dancing. Dancing to them is like a reflex action to music!

Can Dancing Reduce Weight?

Yes, dance routines do help you lose weight, but one has to participate in a dance session that is fast paced. Dancing is a fun aerobic exercise, which helps to improve oxygen levels in your body and burn calories.
The important thing when going for dance workout routines to lose weight is to choose a dance form that you enjoy and which is fast paced. Fast paced dancing makes you move your muscles fast enough to start sweating. The routine should be done at least 20 minutes a day to lose weight.
Dance is an art form, and is also a very enjoyable workout to burn extra calories. One might get bored sometimes to go to a gym, but dancing is fun and you can do it at home too, without having to buy an expensive gym membership.

Dance Routines

Select the right dance workout to shed weight; the one with fast movements and the music you like. If you like salsa, then select a Latin dance; if you like classical, then join ballet; if you like step dancing, go for hip-hop.
By enrolling for classes, you will be learning a new dance form and also socializing with other people. However, if you wish to dance alone at home, all you need is some high-beat music and you can start your own workout.
Dancing is a form of workout, so it is important that you do a warm-up of at least 7-10 minutes, like mild jogging. Warm-up is very essential before a workout to avoid injuries. Also, wear a comfortable pair of shoes for preventing injuries and better dance movements. Here are some dance routines that help in losing weight.


You will learn a popular and fun dance form in a salsa class. Salsa dancing helps greatly to burn calories and tone up your body. Quick-step salsa is one of the best routines if you are aiming at weight loss.


If you like step dancing and hip-hop music, go for hip-hop dance classes. You will shed off those excess calories and also meet people with similar interests.


Aerobics dance classes are especially designed for losing weight and toning up your body. By following the dance instructor, one can learn this dance form and also burn calories.

Belly Dance

Belly dancing is an interesting dance form that one can learn to tone up their body like Shakira! You will easily lose the excess belly fat and other fat from your body with belly dancing.

Home Dance Routine

For home dance workouts to lose weight, there are many ways to form a routine. You can just play some high-beat music and do a fast-paced dance for 20 minutes in the beginning. As your stamina increases, also increase your workout time. You can also get home videos on dancing and follow the video instructions.


One doesn't need to set up a studio or buy any equipment or special clothes for dancing. You can wear your normal shoes and comfortable clothes and just start grooving to the beats!
As you start dancing regularly, you will lose weight and dancing will also tone up your body,giving you an attractive shape. With regular dancing, your body will become strong and flexible.
Dancing is for fun, so you don't have to be worried about perfect movements. You can sing along to the song, jump, shout, wiggle, and just have some fun!
Dancing will give you the same physical health benefits that you get from cardio training. It is also good for your emotional health, as dance is the eternal stress reliever.
In a normal dance routine, one can burn 109 calories in 10 minutes. You can burn even more calories with fast-paced dancing. So, start a dance routine at home or in a class, and within a few months you will have lost weight and become more toned!