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Dance Costumes That Complement Your Kids’ Talent

Stephen Rampur Sep 29, 2018
Costumes can certainly improve the appearance of children while they dance. There are different varieties of costumes available, and some can even be made at home.
The beauty and magic of a dance is increased by wonderful costumes, especially when it comes to kids. Every individual dance style has different dresses which reflect the arts and traditions of that specific genre. Leotards, usually in bright colors and detail, are normally considered as apt costumes for kids.
If you are thinking of buying dance apparel for children, you need to consider many aspects. The costumes should fit the children well and be comfortable, they should not hamper ease of movement, they should be made out of good material, etc.
You also need to check if the seller has a return policy. It is also recommended to elucidate the care and cleaning instructions when buying.
Nowadays, these costumes are available in numerous different colors, patterns, and sizes. The type that the kid will wear depends on the sort of dance training he or she will go through. Few dance schools and instructors are very specific regarding what costumes are needed.
Other studios allow the dancers to select what they would like to wear or would be most comfortable in. Assessing what is available would largely aid the dancers in determining what they actually require with respect to the costumes.


This is the basic outfit a dancer would be dressed in, while rehearsing. Unitards are skinny outfits which hug the torso, and can be sleeveless or have short or long sleeves.
Due to their tight fitting, they enable the dance teacher to watch the child's moves, steps, and body form while dancing. They can be fancily-decorated or personalized, or can be bought in a simple pattern.
However, most of the schools require children to be dressed in a proper set of dance clothing. Child ballet dancers are normally dressed in black unitards, but other types of dancers have the option of choosing their desired colors and patterns.

Tights and Leggings

Tights are available in several different colors. Conventional ballet dance teachers would generally prefer child dancers to be dressed in pink or white tights with black unitards.
Jazz, tap, and hip hop performers have various color and pattern alternatives. They have the option to select from stirrup, footless, or footed tights. They may also prefer to wear dance pants and cotton shorts. These skinny pants are put on over the unitard, and yet enable the dance teacher to watch the body form of the dancer.

Warm-up Dresses

Leg warmers and sweaters are useful in keeping the muscles warm until the performer has stretched.
Generally, dance studios have a cool atmosphere, so the performers wear layers until they have warmed up. They normally put on these dresses at the start of the practice and remove them after the warm up time is over.

Dance Footwear

Dance shoes are also very useful in making the performer comfortable while dancing.
Ballet performers require soft leather ballet shoes for basic practice, which come in pink, black, and white colors. Advanced child performers who have to dance on the toes require 'pointe shoes' which are usually made of satin, and are white and pink in color.
Shoes made for jazz dances are of soft leather, and consist of soles which give a good grip on the floor. Those made for tap dancing are made out of shiny patent leather, and have a metal beneath the toe and heel that makes the customary tap sound. Those made for hip hop dance are also of leather, but have raised heels.
You can even make dance costumes at home for your kids. Homemade costumes can be personalized in many different ways. An example is colorful flower patterns. However, while buying, making, or renting costumes, you need to remember the type of dance your kids are performing.