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Vital Tips for Buying the Right Dance Costume for a Competition

Tips for Buying a Dance Costume for a Competition
Different types of dance styles need different costumes, as each attire facilitates the comfort and ease to give every dance move its due justice. However, when it comes to buying dance costumes for a competition, the parameters call for more than just comfort.
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Last Updated: Feb 16, 2018
Common mistakes made while buying a dress online
➤ Shopping online without determining if the source is trustworthy, and getting a low-quality product.

➤ Going for general-sized outfits―M, L, XL, etc.―and ending up with an ill-fitting costume.

➤ Not paying attention to the policies regarding refund, guarantee, exchange, etc., and becoming victimized by a fraudulent deal.
Being a part of a dance competition is not just about knowing the right moves, it also calls for looking like someone who knows his/her moves so well, that others might as well fade away. Other than the intense preparation and a brilliant partner (if the stage calls for one), the most quintessential part of standing on a competitive floor is to look like starlight. Yes, your dress is the element that makes or breaks your presence. It not only makes you look exceptionally beautiful, but allows your body to perform the range of dance moves and steps in its most natural form.

With so many participants struggling to steal the limelight from you, not only in terms of the performance, but also the appearance, it is highly crucial to give your outfit an equally important thought as you have given to the competition. Different dance styles call for different kinds of costumes―from formal to glamorous to fitting to flowing to classy to flashy! Irrespective of what kind of costume you are looking for, the following section gives you some invaluable tips to ensure you wear nothing but the perfect attire at the final event.
Points to Keep in Mind While Costume Shopping for a Dance Competition
There are many kinds of dances such as hip-hop, ballet dancing, ballroom dancing, Irish dancing, salsa, freestyle, etc. Each dance adorns a different culture, exhibits a different body language that speaks in sync with different forms of music. Therefore, the perfect costume should have the essence of the culture, feel, comfort, and expressiveness of the dance form you're competing for. Other than that, it should also have a dash of your unique personal style! The following points will help you get all these elements in one outfit, all you need is some time and patience to spot the loopholes.

➤Tip #1 : Do not buy an outfit just because you saw someone else looking like a million bucks in it. Remember that your body, skin color, comfort level, etc., are different from that person, and comparison doesn't always give you the desired results. Never assume and buy.

➤Tip #2 : Another mirage that the 'look' of a dress creates would be this: When you browse online, you end up finding thousands of alluring dresses that seem just right for you; however, when the dress is actually delivered, everything seems poor―right from fitting to quality to appearance. Therefore, always try and test it before you end up paying for it.

➤Tip #3 : It would be helpful for you to know the setting of the dance competition―the lights, background colors, flooring, etc. This information can help you decide on the colors that would help you create an impact on the floor. Again, the aim is to opt for something evident enough to make your presence felt, not something blindingly colorful and flashy.

➤Tip #4 : If possible, always get your dress from a manufacturer that is linked with dancing in some way or the other. There are many stores that are owned by those who were into professional dancing, or have catered to the need of dance professionals for decades. These are the stores that would be able to give you the perfect dress you had been looking for.

➤Tip #5 : If you have managed to get a vintage dress from a sale, or any other budgetary source, always ensure that the fittings don't ruin the look of the dress. It is highly recommended to consult a trusted tailor or designer who is capable enough to read your instructions and implement them to perfection while altering the dress as per your needs.

➤Tip #6 : When it comes to selecting an online site for your purchase, don't just go for the discounted prices! Try to find out if the seller also caters to the customers abroad. As in, if the company primarily caters to Asian customers, the sizing and fitting may not complement those residing in American or European continents.

➤Tip #7 : Irrespective of where you are buying your dress from, always inquire about their guarantee, exchange, return, refund, alteration, and resale policies. Yes, there are some stores that give you the option of reselling your used dress. Try to finalize the deal with only those sellers who give you a satisfactory surety in terms of the purchase.
Where Can You Find the Right Costumes
With shopping becoming an integral part of today's youth, there is a high possibility of finding the outfit you have been looking for, absolutely anywhere―from an online store to the showroom next to your home to a garage sale! A blunder usually occurs when you don't pay attention to the details that primarily consist of the points discussed in the previous section. However, with that kept in check, the following are the options you can consider while buying a fancy dance costume for an upcoming competition.

➤Rental Costumes : If you don't want to spend a lot of money, but get a professional attire for the event, the best option is getting it on rent. There are many rental agencies which provide the facility of renting out dance costumes. However, if you are participating in competitions several times in a year, this may not be the best alternative.

➤Pre-owned Costumes : If you are relatively low on budget, then you can opt for this alternative, especially if you are contending in many competitions and need to have your own costume. There are many shops that offer pre-owned costumes at a very less price. Some dresses have just been used in one or two shows. So, there are high chances for you get an almost-new dress at an affordable price.

➤New Ready-made Costumes : If budget isn't a constraint, you can directly purchase a brand new dress from a reputed store. However, do keep in mind if the seller guarantees the durability of the fabric, the adorning stones and sequence work, etc. Also, take a note of the refund, warranty, and exchange policies. Fitting is the most crucial aspect, so make sure all the alterations are done perfectly to avoid any last-minute hassles.

➤Customized Costumes : This is probably the best option if you are not sure about the size and fit of the dresses available in the market; and perhaps the most cost-effective one too, if you know how to stitch, or know someone who can do it for you at a lower price. The main advantage is that you can get the costume done according to your own personalized requirements. On the other hand, if you seek the guidance of a professional designer, then of course, you may have to extend your budget considerably.

The more the options, the more wary one needs to become in order to ensure that the deal isn't a rip off. This statement becomes all the more substantial when linked with the trend of online shopping that has become a vogue today. Note that many manufacturers tend to lure online shoppers with some fancy-looking costumes; and although they seem quite appealing in the previews, in truth, they are made with low-quality fabric that has been beautified with some fancy stones and laces. To save yourself from the embarrassment of a tear or fall off while dancing at the competition, it is highly suggested to not compromise with the costume's quality in order to save money. Always go for a trusted manufacturer―that is the quintessence of this whole process.
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