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Breakdancing Moves

Pragya T Mar 17, 2019
Breakdancing is one of the coolest dance forms. This write-up will help you learn some of the popular moves step by step.
Breakdancing or b-boying is a dance style which was developed as part of the hip-hop culture. The most basic dance moves like top rock, power moves, down rock, and freezes are easy to learn for kids or beginners.
The dance derives its name from the breaks which come in the music. However, the music may not necessarily be hip-hop dance music, but can be any music which has got beats and tempo that sync well.

Top Rock

This is one of the basic breakdancing moves, and is used for warm-up.
  • The first step is to place your right foot in front of your left foot and hold your arm backwards.
  • Now, hop forward with your right foot while moving your left back, and let the left foot swing halfway front just as the right foot moves halfway backwards.
  • Return the left foot before your right foot while pumping the arms back.
  • Swing forward with your left foot while going back with your right foot.
  • Then, return to your left foot to start pushing your arms in a forward direction.

The Hand Glide

This is a type of spin, which is done by balancing the body on a one-handed, floating position.
  • For this, start by placing your hands and knees on the floor like in a crawling posture.
  • Then place your elbow onto your hip with your back slightly hunched.
  • Balance on your right hand while pushing with your left hand.
  • Keep practicing till you are able to perform multiple spins. Once you get this position right and the step perfect, try and spin faster.

The Head Spin

  • For this kind of a spin, get into a headstand with your hands placed in front of you on the floor.
  • Keep one hand on the floor in front of you, and reach behind you with the other one.
  • Spread your legs as apart as you can manage, and balance this position.
  • Now quickly bring the legs together, and as you are doing so, use your hands to push your head around.


To perform this impressive step, first learn the turtle freeze position.
  • Do this by stabbing your elbow near your stomach with your fingers spread outward and opposite to each other.
  • Keep the legs tucked under. In this posture, you should have your body parallel to the floor.
  • Practice the turtle freeze first and then the clockwise and counter clockwise turtle.
  • In the turtle freeze position, stab the right arm as you push your left hand around 90 degrees while being in a hand-glide posture.
  • Transfer the weight of your body onto your left arm so that you are in a position similar to that of a turtle freeze.
  • However, keep the fingers of your right hand facing upwards, and move your right arm so that you are in the turtle freeze position again. Repeat, till you can complete one complete circle.
Some of these steps are dangerous, and should be practiced only when you first master the basic moves. It is also important to warm up in the beginning to prevent cramping of the muscles. In case of head spins, make sure you build the neck and shoulder muscles with proper, strength building exercises to avoid any kind of injuries.
Disclaimer: Try these dance moves at your own risk. In case you are a beginner, make sure you've got the basics right first. To minimize the risk of mishaps, practice on well-padded or cushioned surfaces.