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Belly Dancing and Weight Loss

Belly Dancing and Weight Loss

Shake your booty, and lose weight! Sounds fun, and extremely beneficial for your body. To know how are belly dancing and weight loss connected, let's have a look at the following article.
Veethi Telang
So, you mean, I can dance, and I can lose pounds? Hell yeah! With belly dancing, you can get rid of those pounds that are coming your way, at every instance when you want to dress up like a babe. So, what makes belly dancing the secret to losing weight? The truth is, it's an impressive form of exercise, that targets your entire body, laying maximum stress on your waist area. When you imagine those graceful belly dancers shaking their booties to the beats, can't you make out how this dance form targets the weight on and around your belly, and leaves you with a fine, flat, and enviable waist? Just the fact that you've landed on this page in search of information with regards to belly dancing and weight loss makes me congratulate you to take the first step to a universe where being overweight is a thing of the past! So, in this article, we get acquainted with how does belly dancing work in favor of weight loss, and how can you begin working out in such a graceful manner. Follow me lassies!

How Does Belly Dancing Help in Weight Loss?

Brief and aboveboard, just an hour of belly dancing can help you burn as good as 300 calories! Well, the estimate does vary as it's dependent upon the rigorousness of your exercise. Belly dance involves the utilization of muscle groups in the abdomen, the trunk, the pelvic area, the spine, and the neck, repeated movements of which make the body work in the direction of weight loss. What's more, if losing weight is your utmost concern, many belly dancing trainers incorporate a variety of exercises such as aerobic techniques, lifts, sit-ups, pilates, and yoga to quicken fat loss process. The hip moves, pivots, and rolls in this form of dancing get the muscles to work so that calories are burned, and pounds are shed. Raks Sharki is another name for belly dance, and is the most common form of belly dancing. It involves 12 basic foundation moves, and once you're through with the core moves, which usually takes a month or two, you can take your belly dancing to a higher level, and avail the many fitness benefits of this form of dancing. Raks Sharki also brings into use the arms, so that those unhappy about their overweight arms can avail maximum benefits of this form of dancing.

A regular belly dancing workout improves the posture of your body, and also helps in preventing excessive back pain by bringing into use the unused muscles in the body, and strengthening them. Belly dance targets the muscles surrounding the hip area, and helps get rid of those extra pounds, thus, rendering flexibility to the body. Repetitive movements shrink all the unwanted fat from the body, leaving you in a good shape. Belly dancing is one of the very few dance forms that promote enviably sexy curves in the body. All in all, if losing weight around the belly is your ultimate aim, there ain't no form of dance-cum-exercise better than belly dancing.

Not only does belly dancing help in weight loss, it also heals the mind and builds up energy in the body. Here go a few more health benefits of belly dancing, apart from losing weight:
  • First things first, belly dancing helps in toning the entire body, thanks to its wonderful moves that help in shaping the muscles, and adding that grace to your overall posture.
  • Belly dancing is a great stress reliever due to its soothing and relaxing beats. Of course, dancing, regardless of all its forms, is a great stress-reliever as it fills the mind with enthusiasm and happiness, but belly dancing requires concentration that lets you shove away the negative forces increasing stress, replacing them with the ones that calm your mind.
  • As discussed above, belly dancing helps in forming the right posture of your body by building up the muscles evenly, and strengthening them. This helps in curing severe back pain and other injuries.
  • Last, but not the least, belly dancing proves to be extremely helpful in digestion. This is possible due to the frequent rolls and moves that your belly makes.
Who knew, that this graceful dance form could not only be fun, but a great way of losing those excess fat around your waist area? While the health benefits of belly dancing are many, you can enroll for a learning program right away! Then, whenever you'd move your belly with finesse, your friends wouldn't be able to deal with the envy, trust me.