Ballroom Dancewear

Ballroom dancing is an elegant display of moves that are graceful, energetic, upbeat, and beautifully executed by professional dancers. Learn about the costumes and shoes to understand what is appropriately worn as a part of this style of dancing.
Ballroom dance is a dance form that personifies grace and elegance with the most classy and chic moves performed to perfection by the dancers. It is like a mellifluous melody on stage, where the man and the woman lose themselves, and dance in unison as they twirl and swerve together.

Although the real beauty of ballroom dancing lies in its moves and postures, there are a few other elements that enhance the beauty of this dance form - yes the dancewear. Right from the style, length, and color of the dress, to the comfort and aesthetics of the footwear, every little thing matters! The dancewear has to be dazzling, elegant, as well as comfortable; all at the same time. It should be such that, it brings out and enhances the beauty of the moves. For example, a simple dress that has the right amount of flow to it, can enhance the beautiful turns and swishes of a lady's moves. On the other hand, a dress that completely masks the dance moves, or even worse, makes it difficult or uncomfortable for the dancer to perform are a strict no-no.
Costumes for Women
There lies a wide variety of options for women while they are hunting for their perfect ballroom dancing dress. The silk, satin, and chiffon; even the fabric choices are plenty.
Gowns and Dresses
A perfect ballroom dance gown or a dress can actually make you look beautiful, and enhance your overall performance. Choose the right dress that will suit your body structure, hide the problem areas, and accentuate the best of your features. You can choose chiffon, silk, or even lycra. A costume that is custom-made with a combination of two or more types of fabrics can be a great idea, since fabrics like lycra can provide a comfortable fit, whereas chiffon and silk provide the necessary flow and frill. Winged gowns look absolutely stunning, and help bring a subtle touch of elegance to your moves. Those of you, who have a slouching problem, should preferably go for a dress that does not expose your back, since that might highlight the slouch. Also, make sure that the length of the dress isn't too long or too short. A dress that is too short might highlight the minutest mistakes during the performance, whereas a very long gown might not just hide your dance steps, but also impede your movement while dancing.
The Skirt
Skirts are either asymmetrical in shape, or have a slit at one or both sides. Layered skirts with the use of fabrics that have a good flow and textures are in vogue. Attractive embellishments, designs, and embroideries always enhance the look of any ordinary skirt, however, too much of intricate work should be avoided, especially if the stitches aren't tightly knit with the fear of beads falling off. The length of the skirt should suit the style of dancing, which changes with every form.
The Top
The tops worn by women during a dance performance are usually fitted tops. Open backs with crossed spaghetti patterns at the back or even a tube top with sequins and stones can look absolutely stunning. Layered tops can look beautiful if they match your body type. Animal prints on your top can transform you into a dancing diva, and beautifully complement your skirt as well. Match your top with your skirt, and team it up with some charismatic silk scarves and beads for the perfect ballroom look.
Costumes for Men
Men can have their pick from a wide variety of dress shirts. Do not shy away from dress shirts with sequels and glitter. Unless you feel uncomfortable, look for a V-necked shirt. Stretchy material shorts are the trend in ballroom dancing, however, you should go for it, only if you are the best shape. Always see, what brings out the best of your features. For the more formal dancing styles, normal shirts with a tie or a tuxedo shirt with a bow tie can be appropriate.
Sleek pants are preferred for ballroom dance style. The other option is tux pants, which go perfectly well with your tux shirt and bow tie. If at all you want to accessorize, you can sport a shiny belt that accentuates your hip movement.
Your preparation for ballroom dancing can never be complete without the perfect pair of dance shoes. They should provide the perfect amount of grip and slide, which is an essential element of ballroom dance.
Shoes for Women
Women generally go for a good pair of heels or pumps that beautifully complement their stunning outfits. Women are generally advised to wear closed heels and shoes that strap across the instep. Casual footwear like the sling backs and slip-ons, are an absolute no-no. Remember, if you are a beginner, and are not used to dancing with pointed heels, you should preferably opt for a low heel. The pumps are open along the sides, and have a closed toe box. The sandals usually have straps, and are open-toed. Usually, these dance shoes are made of leather, are very light in weight, and have suede soles that ensure the precise slide and grip while moving across the dance floor. Try and pick a pair that gives you the exact combination of comfort and style.
Shoes for Men
Latin dance shoes for men are lightweight and flexible, which have a Cuban heel and suede soles. In case, you are looking for different color options, you can go for the classy black, the stylish white, or the stunning two-tone spectator shoes. Make sure the fit is snug, and the shoes match your outfit, as well as the dance style your will be performing.
Always remember that beautiful attire can only accentuate your dance, but cannot be a substitute for rehearsals and practice sessions. So, practice your moves and postures to perfection, sport the most beautiful dress and the perfect pair of shoes, and shine on the dance floor!